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SanDisk Unveils Video Flash Card at IFA

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A video recorder that stores material on flash cards was unveiled by its US manufacturer SanDisk at the Berlin consumer electronics exhibition IFA on Saturday.

The V-Mate is designed to show films or TV recordings on mobile equipment such has cellphones, PDAs, mini-videoplayers or notebooks.

With a resolution of up to 640x480 pixels, up to 3.5 hours of video per gigabyte of storage capacity can be shown on mobile telephone displays.


Measuring 13x6.6x2 cm, the new gadget is small enough to fit in a trouser pocket. It is priced at 130 euros (162 dollars) and set to hit the shops in October, SanDisk said.

The US concern is also planning to bring out competitive music players for the MP3 market, which is dominated by computer concern Apple with its iPod.

Its Sansa c200 with 2 gigabytes of flash card storage is due to retail for 80 euros, much cheaper than a comparable iPod, which sells for 150 euros.

SanDisk's e200 will be the first player with 8 gigabytes of flash card storage. Capacity can be increased by up to 2 gigabytes with a micro-SD card. Price of the new model is 209 euros.
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