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Icograda Design Media Network Welcomes Two New Participants

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he Icograda Design Media Network has expanded to include Aperture Magazine (United States) and Identity (Russia).

Aperture is dedicated to photography that can change our view of the world. It is committed to presenting new and unpublished work by well-known and emerging artists from all over the world, fostering an ever-expanding community of shared interest at a time when the scope and concerns of photography's impact continues to evolve.


Identity is the first Russian magazine about branding and commercial design.Well-known specialists in the field of corporate identity, branding, naming, graphic design and jurisprudence publish their articles in Identity. We also publish the brightest works of Russian and foreign design studios. The main topics are: branding, design, logos, trademarks, corporate identity, packaging and naming. The mission is to facilitate an open and civilized brand market forming in Russia.

Participants in the Icograda Design Media Network subscribe to a common Code of Ethics for design journalism and participate actively in furthering Icograda's objectives
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