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Redax 4.5: Secure, Reliable Redaction for PDF

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Appligent, Inc, the leader in PDF redaction, is announcing Redax 4.5, a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat that permanently and securely removes information from PDF files. Redax enables redaction with Acrobat 6, 7 and the recently announced Acrobat 8. Redax 4.5 expands on the capabilities that were added in the 4.0 version that was released earlier this year. Some of the expanded features include, enhanced full page redaction and search capabilities as well as more user options.

Redax is in use by Government entities in North America, the European Union and Australia as well as Law firms and corporations. For government, Redax is essential for preparing documents to be released under Freedom of Information Acts and Privacy Acts. For law firms and corporations, it is essential for maintaining privacy of information, including HIPAA compliance.


"We are continuing to expand the capabilities of Redax to meet our customers' needs. We have continually been at the forefront of PDF redaction technology." says Virginia Gavin, President of Appligent. "Our latest industry first in the redaction space is our addition of redaction by category."

Categories can be assigned to words, phrases and images to allow one work document to be repurposed for multiple recipients, based on the recipients level of security clearance. For example, a FOIA specialist in a government agency can assign categories (e.g. Public, Top Secret, Secret) to areas to be redacted in a document and redact by category, producing one document for the public, another for internal use within the agency and yet another for outside agencies.

Redax 4.5 requires Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional versions 6 or higher and Microsoft Windows NT and above. The Macintosh OS X version requires Acrobat 7 or higher. Redax 4.5 will begin shipping in October and is compatible with Acrobat 8 that was recently announced by Adobe Systems, Inc.
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