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WIN - New Fully-Integrated Version of PrintDevizor v2.1

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Virtual proofing of special finishes and inks just got even easier with the launch of the new fully-integrated version of PrintDevizor v2.1, released by print vizualization specialist, Stonecube , this month. Promising a breath of fresh air to the whole process of designing for print, PrintDevizor v2.1 makes applying special finishes to original artwork simply a breeze.

v2.1 now comes with Special Finish colour libraries for both Adobe Creative Suite and QuarkXPress. There are further improvements to working with composite PDF files which can now be 'opened' by PrintDevizor, which automatically starts an auto-build process.

So, for instant, dynamic vizualisation of high impact artwork, simply design as usual in your favourite creative software, select any material, which in PrintDevizor Pro can include opaque or transparent plastic, then add special finishes such as foils, metallic inks, embossing and varnish, or even flitters, glitter, die cutting and 3D embossing if using PrintDevizor Pro. Save as a PDF and then watch PrintDevizor bring everything to life, building a virtual proof automatically, at the touch of a button.

And PrintDevizor version 2.1 turns another major development corner, which promises a fresh perspective for many in the packaging industry, particularly label designers. PrintDevizor Pro will now wrap round as well as wrap up, extending the facility to preview the impact of different print effects on 2D artwork or 3D folded carton boxes and demonstrating in one neat manoeuvre the very different effects exhibited by metallic inks and other special finishes when printed on a cylindrical label or surface.


All PrintDevizor images can be viewed and manipulated in a range of real-world lighting environments and three new retail viewing environments have been introduced in version 2.1. See a magazine or book cover, pack design or greeting card through the eyes of a potential purchaser using realistic lighting effects drawn from a music shop, a DVD store and a greeting card outlet. There's also a new facility to apply user-generated images as a backdrop to design or packaging models for use on-screen, in snapshots and in movie outputs. By loading and viewing multiple print models at the same time, it's easy to contrast and compare different finishes in different environments.

Stonecube CEO Martin Coulthard believes print vizualisation has finally come of age with the recent enhancements to his software.

He explains: "The performance and function wrapped up in the latest version of PrintDevizor and specifically PrintDevizor Pro are the result of nearly two years of listening to industry professionals. In PrintDevizor Pro, we now have a product with all the muscle to perform to the exacting standards required by design and print professionals."

Key for users of new Intel Macs, the Apple Mac version of PrintDevizor is now in Universal Binary form, and runs in native mode on both PowerPC and Intel Macs including the Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro and even the Mac Mini.
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