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Google Makes Friends with MACs

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Fresh off its industry-stirring acquisition of YouTube, Google has launched a blog and a website geared specifically to users of Apple's Macintosh computers. Both sites feature a shinier Mac-centric Google logo that matches the feel of Apple's current design motif.

Currently, Google's new Mac page lists several of Google's Mac-specific software downloads like Google's Mac widgets and the Mac versions of Google Earth and Picasa uploader.


Aside from the whole online advertising implication, Google's stated mission is to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." "We're pretty serious about that mission, including the "universally accessible" part," reads the premier post. "It means making products that everyone can use - including Mac users."

Google's Mac Blog resembles many of the other official Google blogs that tout Google services like Google Analytics, Google Base and AdSense. If the Mac blog follows the same format, Mac users will probably be the first to know when Google updates one of their Mac-specific apps, get treated to tips and tricks for enhancing their use of Google services, and any other things that Google's Mac team thinks might be interesting.
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