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comScore: YouTube Serving Over 100 Million Streams Per Day

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Google must be sitting pretty today. According to a report by comScore Media Metrix, YouTube streamed almost 3 billion videos back in July, a quarter of them to users in the United States. YouTube served on average 100 million video streams per day in July, and was visited by more than 63 million people over the age of 15. The findings made YouTube the 17th most visited site in July, and indicate that it was streaming on average far more than 100 million per day when it was purchased by Google on Monday.


"Our daily streaming data show that first surpassed the 100 million threshold on July 17th, which coincides with YouTube's own announcement that they had reached this impressive mark," said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni in a statement. "Our streaming data covering more recent months will be published shortly, and will show that YouTube's streaming total now far surpasses 100 million per day."

comScore's Video Metrix division measures several forms of online video including Flash, which is used by YouTube, RealPlayer, Windows Media, QuickTime, and Divx. It measures streaming video only and excludes paid DRM'd content, viewing of offline video, and video downloaded via peer-to-peer networks. comScore's measurements include video that was viewed on the YouTube site as well as video that was viewed on third-party sites, but hosted by YouTube.
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