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Sony Ericsson’s P990 goes LocationFree™

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Owners of the Sony Ericsson P990 smartphone can now enjoy their favourite local TV shows on their phones wherever they are in the world. LocationFree™ from Sony redirects TV shows from your home television to target devices such as your P990, so you can keep up with your favourite programmes whether you're on the beach, in an airport or just in your local park. You can watch live TV, playback recorded programmes and even set up future recordings, all on your P990.

"LocationFree completely removes the constraints of having to be at home to enjoy your favourite programmes," says Steve Walker, Vice President Product Marketing, Sony Ericsson. "The P990 with its large 2.8 inch touchscreen is the perfect device for this. It is a high performance smartphone that gives a really great viewing experience, coupled with high-speed connectivity. If you love television and spend a lot of time travelling or generally out and about, then LocationFree on your P990 is a must."


LocationFree uses the internet to redirect content from your home to your P990 wherever you are. At its heart is the LocationFree Base Station available from Sony, together with LocationFree Player software supplied on your P990's Memory Stick or by download.

Set up is extremely straightforward and you can be enjoying TV content on your P990 within minutes. The Base Station plugs into your existing home network or establishes a wireless link to a broadband internet-connected device such as a Sony PlayStation Portable ® system, notebook or desktop PC. When you're away or out of the house, you simply connect to the Base Station with your P990 to watch TV, enjoy one of your own DVDs (provided it's in the player), or control your set top box or DVD/HDD recorder to make your own recordings. You can choose the best way for your P990 to connect to the Base Station depending on where you are, and this can be over the Internet, through a wireless connection if you're in a Wi-Fi hotspot or through your 3G network. The Base Station itself also doubles as a wireless access point, providing the basis of a home wireless network.
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