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Zannel Recruits Students for Viral Experiment

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What happens when you get a hospital nurse, a retired wrestler, two grade schoolers, and an ant farm together in a small room? Are they studying pathogenic avian influenza?

Are they designing a next generation social playground? Are they planning
an itchy pants infestation?

Nope, they‚ve been assembled to judge „Zannel Fest, a transnational competition that challenges contributors to submit original videos and photos so funny that passing them along from phone-to-phone is inevitable. Zannel feels it's critical that submissions are judged by a team of experts well versed in the art of sharing and the mechanics of infectious transmissions.

Zannel‚s viral experts will evaluate the finalist‚s submissions through two experimental methodologies:


1) hilarity indexing ˆ using sophisticated algorithms, trained engineers will gauge how heartily panelists laugh by measuring vocal intensity and diaphragm displacement

2) viral stratagraphic sequencing ˆ by employing our PVSS (Pass-It-On? Viral Sharing Simulator), judges will be able to semi-empirically measure how submissions will be shared across wide swaths of the social landscape.

Festival winners will be eligible for such delectable prizes as thousands of dollars in cash, polka dancing chickens, an inflatable director's chair, two bottles of Log Cabin Maple Syrup, and an inspiring 11-minute phone conversation with a Steven Spielberg impersonator.

They will also be the first generation of participants in Zannel‚s new mobile entertainment network -- the easiest way for users to share their content on mobile phones, the web, and possibly a device that hasn't been invented yet, like PK-109 Video Helmet.
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