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Colophon: International Magazine Symposium

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"Luxembourg and Greater Region, European Capital of Culture 2007" is hosting Colophon 2007, an international magazine symposium curated by Creative Director Jeremy Leslie (London), Writer Andrew Losowsky (Madrid) and Publisher Mike Koedinger (Luxembourg).

Five exhibitions on magazine culture will be on view including a visual representation of 10 groundbreaking magazines by the people who make them. Make sure you check out: the "Magazine Graveyard" dedicated to those publications that no longer exist, an installation / projection of classic magazine covers, "20 Years of X-Non-Magazine", a celebration of the underground fanzine and finally, a tribute to the Paris based publication "Magazine". All hosted in a spectacular, multi-level venue.

More than 25 hours of talks with more than 50 speakers including: Angelo Cirimele (Paris), Samir "Mr Magazine" Husni (USA), Jeremy Leslie (UK), Andrew Losowsky (Sp), Horst Moser (Ger), David Renard (USA), Boz Temple-Morris (UK), Victor Zabrockis (Sp). Plus magazine publishers, editors, photographers, illustrators, designers, agents, brand managers. A live translation into English, French and German will be offered.


PORTFOLIO SHOWS is a series of live presentations of artwork in the fields of photography, illustration and editorial graphic design. Each one-hour session allows 10 talents to show samples of their work on a projected screen for a period of 5 minutes. Each session will focus on illustration, photography or editorial graphic design, either by professionals or by students, and offers a chance for the artists to speak about their work if they wish. The audience will be given an index with the contacts of the 10 artists. An excellent networking forum for artists and a great opportunity for the right audience to view a wide variety of artwork in a fast paced and entertaining format. Registrations will be open till late January 2007 (

ROOM WITH A VIEW, a temporary magazine store set up in the stunning "aquarium" of the Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain overlooking the Petrusse Valley . Magazines can be bought, borrowed, browsed through or given away for free. Approx. 200 magazines are participating in this initiative (magazines can still register at

Designed by Jeremy Leslie and edited by Andrew Losowsky (Madrid), the book WE LOVE MAGAZINES is being specially created for the symposium. With groundbreaking visuals and contributions from around the world, it will include in-depth features on all aspects of magazine creation, a worldwide magazine directory (+ 1,200 titles) and an international guide to distribution.

COLOPHON 2007 is also the world's leading online directory of pop culture magazines. Over 1,300 magazines are listed with factsheets, covers and exclusive interviews, sorted by countries and language.
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