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Alien Skin Software Releases Snap Art

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Alien Skin Software today released Snap Art™, an all new plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other image editors. Snap Art quickly creates convincing, one-click natural media with no laborious hand editing. Artists, photographers, and designers can now give a hand-crafted look to any digital image.

Snap Art introduces several effects never seen before in a plug-in. Convincing line drawings, both pen and pencil, are now possible in moments. These can be combined with shading and crosshatching for a more realistic image. Snap Art can also recreate a


Snap Art perfects a wide variety of traditional effects. Popular painting techniques are quick and easy in Snap Art. Digital artists can render a still life with pointillism as a Neo-impressionist might. Craft a rough and rocky landscape in dry brushed watercolor or thickly textured impasto. In addition, Snap Art emulates a number of traditional drawing effects such as colored pencils, charcoal for softer shading, and hard, soft and oil pastels.

Snap Art includes hundreds of presets that make artwork with a single click. An intelligent stroke engine, based on edge detection, renders brush, pen and pencil strokes that follow features of the original image. This unique approach balances realistic reproduction of detail with convincing artistry. Snap Art also features a variety of brushes, pencils, pastels, and pens, as well as an assortment of canvas and paper types. Snap Art works with 16-bit images and is scriptable with Photoshop actions. Context-sensitive help and an online manual keep things easy to understand.
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