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Absolut Vodka: The 100 000 000th Bottle

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Another milestone in the success for ABSOLUT VODKA has been passed today at V&S Absolut Spirits' plant in Åhus. This year's 100,000,000th bottle of ABSOLUT VODKA was bottled today at 10.45 a.m. That's about as much as the total produced in the first nine years, 1979 - 1988, of the plant's existence put together. It is also the first time since the start in 1979 that more than 100 million bottles have been produced in a single year.

"ABSOLUT VODKA is counting its successes, with growing market shares in the US and the rest of the world. Today's 100 millionth ABSOLUT VODKA bottle is proof that our efforts to concentrate on focus markets, raise the pace of product development and introduce new marketing communication have paid off beyond expectations," says Ketil Eriksen, President, V&S Absolut Spirits business area.


It looks as if 2006 will be another record year in the production of ABSOLUT VODKA and Level Vodka. Last year, over nine million 9-liter cases were produced at the plant in Åhus, a record that has already been broken this year. To mark the milestone, the 100 millionth bottle is fitted with a silver plate that reads, "Bottle No 100 000 000." Placed next to each other these 100 million bottles will cover an area equal to 108 soccer fields.

"When we sum up 2006, we will have beaten all previous production records in Åhus and Nöbbelöv. Our plants have increased capacity with the large investments that have been implemented and will continue to increase even more next year," says Krister Asplund, Vice President, Manufacturing, V&S Absolut Spirits.

When the new bottling plant opens next year, bottling capacity will increase by an additional 22 million liters of vodka a year. During the past five years, V&S Group has invested a total of approximately SEK 900 million in the plants in Åhus and Nöbbelöv.
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