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Rik Meijers: Don't Do That Anymore

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20.01.2007 - 11.03.2007

Under the title Don't do that any more, two years after his last solo presentation, Rik Meijers is given the opportunity to present an overview of his artistic oeuvre in Museum Het Domein. Alongside the mystical portraits that are a recurrent feature in his work, Meijers will be presenting recent paintings and work never previously on public display, such as painted bottles and Polaroids.


Meijers' work is referring to low culture, unpretentious, salt-of-the-earth folk art and Art Brut. Fabulous figures still populate the world of Rik Meijers, (1963), who lives and works in Sittard. It is a domain where martyrs, prophets, mystics and gurus rub shoulder with pin-ups, vagrants, hippies and members of his family. The projection of their images on top of and over each other is the basis of the canvases onto which strata of paint are literally layered, along with less traditional materials like pitch and feathers, bottletops, shards of glass and beads. By this Meijers literally gives the images 'body'. For Meijers, representing and animating his protagonists is what it's all about. With this, the artist does not liberate his figures from the margins of society to place them at its centre, but transports the viewer to 'the edge' where he or she is suddenly catapulted into the role of freak, to be feasted upon by myriads of eyes.

A catalogue/artist's book with an introduction by Dominic van den Boogerd accompanies the exhibition. The book is inspired by fanzines that emanate the same mood as Meijers' idiosyncratic choice of themes and materials.

During the opening on Friday 19 January, Rik Meijers will perform with the band Chomain Vasser. The T-time (discussion session) for the Rik Meijers exhibition will be held on Sunday 25 February 2007 from 12.30 - 14.00.
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