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STEP: Best of Web Design 2007

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Call For Entries

Entries must be submitted no later than April 2, 2007. Winners will be notified by May 22, 2007. Winning entries will be published in the September/October 2007 STEP inside design Best of Web Annual.

All submissions must have appeared live online for the first time between April 1, 2006 and April 2, 2007. Entries not meeting this requirement may be deemed ineligible. No refunds will be made for ineligible entries.

1. Consumer - customer information, product/service demonstration, training, catalog, internal/external communications, communities or commerce directed to non-business entities/individuals.
2. Business - exchange of products, services or information between businesses (rather than between businesses and consumers).
3. Self-Promotion - marketing/promotion for designers, art directors and vendors who provide creative services, art schools that offer courses in visual communications, design and advertising club promotions, etc.
4. Nonprofit/Public Service - promotes organizations that do not exist to earn a profit, i.e., religious, educational, charitable, literary or scientific purpose.
5. Miscellaneous - entries that don't conform to a listed category or are a combination of categories.


Entry Types:
Within each category, we offer 3 entry types:
1. Website - entire site will be judged.
2. Motion Graphics - motion graphics portion only. If you submit a site URL with multiple motion graphics files, please specify the motion graphics you are entering by name or description.
3. Advertising - web banners, pop-ups, online promotional campaigns.

Cost to enter:
Categories 1-5 are $75 for each single entry submitted. Entry fees are nonrefundable. Entries will not be judged unless payment is received by the submission deadline.

Submission rules:
Only electronic submissions are allowed. Please submit websites as live URLs. Submit web banners, pop-ups, online promotional campaigns as live URLs, HTML, JPEG, or TIF files. Submit Motion Graphics as live URLs, SWF, WMP or QuickTime files.

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