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Metropolis by Mo Maurice Tan

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TAXI Design Network event coverage team reported on the exhibition, Metropolis, over at Alliance Française de Singapour last week.



SG Private Banking Gallery
Alliance Française de Singapour
16 - 29 March 2007
Mon to Fri, 11am to 7pm
Sat & Sun, 11am to 5pm
Admission is free

If you are a lover of cities, and dream of traveling to urban and cosmopolitan places all over the world such as Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and New York, Metropolis is the perfect exhibition for you to satisfy your cravings of wanderlust. Paris-based artist Mo Maurice Tan brings the cities right in front of you by painting seemingly frozen architectural cityscapes, breathtakingly realistic.


In Metropolis, explore the cities with the weave of bird's eye views of major cities, dark subways and train stations, to harbours and airports.

Mo is an avid traveler who wanders the world's major cities, from Paris to Hongkong, Barcelona to Tokyo and interprets the modern and urban landscapes in his unique, dispassionate and architectural style. His paintings, formed with watercolor and acrylic, seem to have a haunting resonance that tugs at your heart. His landscapes seem to be frozen in time and space, with an air of solitude and loneliness.

Delve into this lyrical and haunting metropolis and engage in this new vision of travel in the Alliance Francaise's spacious gallery filled with metropolis lovers alike.

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