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DMI: The 19th International Brand Design Conference

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June 6-8, 2007
Drake Hotel


Chicago, Illinois, USA

As the roles of design and brand become more and more strategic to business success, so too the need for cross-discipline collaboration increases. In fact, building integration between brand, design, and business is now an imperative to sustainable business success. How can design and brand managers create an environment of cross-discipline knowledge-sharing to achieve optimum results and customer satisfaction? How can different disciplines best collaborate? What structures and processes need to be in place in order to create winning strategies? How is the integration between internal and external competencies best leveraged? Should the design manager foster a cross-discipline environment for innovation? How does brand management integrate and optimize all touch points to create relevant customer experiences? What methods foster synergy throughout the creative and management disciplines?

Because businesses need to create real value from their investments in brand and design, there is an increasing need for cross-functional and multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate in both design consultancies and corporate groups. Until now, there have been few consolidated efforts to capture and share knowledge about cross-functional brand and design integration. This June, DMI will take on integration as a business imperative at our 19th International brand and design conference in Chicago. Don't miss this important learning opportunity.
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