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FriendsWithYou in 'Guild' Exhibition

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Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Miami

'Guild' is the name of a long time idea which was storming in the mind of artist Daniel Arsham: engage a group of artists interested in the intersection of craft and art. The idea now takes form as an exhibition at the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Miami from May 12 through July 21, 2007.


A guild is defined as an association of artisans that work together to keep standards consistent and look after the interests of its members. Guilds have produced furniture, paintings and knowledge among other things. Arsham's is a Guild of craft where objects are scrutinized and can be misrecognized, and one might be compelled to use a wall as a chair or an axe in a flower arrangement.

The works of Daniel Arsham, John Bucklin, FriendsWithYou, Kenneth Andrew Mroczek and Dennis Palazzolo are featured in Guild. Our dear friends from FriendsWithYou will be featuring some magical sculptures, blimps from the SKYWALKERS blimp parade which took place during Art Basel Miami Beach 2006, large scale water colours as well as additional works including a Guild poster they have created for the occasion.

Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin
194 NW 30th Street
Miami, FL 33127
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