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LISTE 07 - The Young Art Fair in Basel

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From June 12- June 17, 2007


LISTE 07 - The Young Art Fair in Basel: Important young galleries, exciting highlights and newly designed rooms, opens tomorrow. Following last year's construction of our fabulous new annex with its expanded capacity of 10 spaces, the LISTE 07 - The Young Art Fair is now involved in a new conception of the fair architecture for its premises. Once again, approximately one-third of the galleries will be enjoying their Basel debut, and several important former participants will be returning for another appearance
at the fair.

While the LISTE 07 - The Young Art Fair in Basel has now long been established as one of the most important discoverer fairs, in its 12th year it has no intention of resting on its laurels. Rather, it will once again present among its galleries one-third which are new to the fair and have artists who are, for the most part, making their Basel debut. One of the LISTE's focal points consists in this balance between the presentation of the new alongside galleries that have been active in the art market for four to five years and show important young artists.

Once again the fair has decided to present several former LISTE participants who exhibited at Statements at Art Basel last year, given that they show a young and accordingly interesting program. As a rule, the LISTE accepts only galleries that are no older than five years and whose artists are under 40, with participation limited to three times. However, the 2006 expansion allows the LISTE to show such galleries again, fully confident that their presence represents a significant enrichment of the art week in Basel.
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