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Red Dot Design Yearbook 2007/2008: Order Now

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Despite the challenge posed by global competition there are winners in every industry: Companies which are successful internationally and which manage to maintain their position as global players. But what do these companies do differently?

Their highest priorities are innovation and excellent design quality. And often good design is precisely the factor which makes products particularly innovative and intelligent. In the recently published red dot design yearbook 2007/2008 editor Professor Dr. Peter Zec presents many examples of such excellently designed and pioneering products on almost 700 pages.

From the most important international industries - from furniture through automobiles to computers - only those products are introduced which are characterised by particularly high design quality and which stand out from the masses. Every single one of the products presented here was examined by an independent expert jury in one of the hardest design competitions worldwide, the red dot design award. Only if passing the thorough examination these products were honoured by receiving the red dot, the internationally recognised quality seal for excellent design.

The current red dot design yearbook does not only present the most important trends of contemporary design, it is also full of exciting stories: It tells for example which inventions are behind the individual innovations. And besides the products, it also introduces the people who created them.
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