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MoMA Features Automatic Update Media Exhibition

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Automatic Update, an exhibition of five media installations made since 2000, features works of art drawn from the technology of the last decade. Employing computers, LCD screens, DVD players, digital video, and user-activated components, works in the exhibition show contemporary artists trying their hands at a range of newly invented art forms. The artists in the exhibition, Cory Arcangel, Xu Bing, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, and Paul Pfeiffer, make comical and sometimes absurd use of recent technologies while offering lighthearted critiques of today's society.


The exhibition is on view from June 27 through September 3, 2007, in The Yoshiko and Akio Morita Gallery on the second floor, and is accompanied by a series of related films and videos that will be screened in The Roy and Niuta Titus Theaters from July 7 through September 2, 2007. Automatic Update and the accompanying film-and-video series are organized by Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Media, The Museum of Modern Art.

In the 1990s, artists worked in a range of newly invented art forms, often switching from analogue to digital equipment as the technology evolved. They built interactive installations and electronic publishing networks, and made art for the Internet. Technology advanced so quickly that in some cases the platform upon which an art form depended would disappear while a work was being made. By the year 2000, this quasi-revolutionary aura had dissipated, and media art had settled into the mainstream.

Ms. London says, "The wildness of the dot-com era infused media art with a heady energy. Automatic Update is about the vision of art drawn from technology of the last decade. The show features the work of hackers, programmers, and tinkerer-revisionists from North America, Europe, and Asia."
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