Apple Music’s Hilarious New Ad Has Taylor Swift Epically Falling Off A Treadmill

By Yoon Sann Wong, 06 Apr 2016

Four days ago, singer Taylor Swift uploaded a hilarious video to her Instagram account that captures her working out to Drake’s number Jumpman, only to end up face flat on the floor several seconds later.

Following the launch of this promotional clip for Apple Music, it was reported that iTunes sales of Drake’s song rose 431 percent globally, while the number of plays for Apple Music’s curated playlist ‘#gymflow’, which was featured inside the commercial, grew by 325 percent.

Anthony Mandler, who is represented by Believe Media, directed the ad while Black Hand Cinema was responsible for its production.

Mandler explained, “We wanted to capture that feeling that music accompanies every element of your life, and the [Apple Music] service is the backbone of that concept. When you match that with Taylor’s stance of dancing like nobody’s watching, I think it was a very effortless flow.”

It’s easy to see why Apple Music would be keen to partner with the singer, as declared by the brand’s head of content Larry Jackson:

“To really get an idea that was simple, informative and funny with hooks is really like writing a song. [Taylor Swift’s] got 73 million followers on Instagram, that’s bigger than NBC, CBS and Fox and the viewership of prime time combined.”

Jackson was keen to preserve the idea behind the ad and decided against involving an agency. He clarifies that his focus was more on working with partners who could produce content quickly.



“It seemed to be very important that the idea of being protected and not be put in front of the jury—if you want to call it—where you get that agency vibe and you get 40 people tearing apart someone’s creative idea. I just kept the process private.”

This ad is just the start of a larger Apple Music campaign, with Swift scheduled to appear in another two upcoming spots over the next few weeks.

Enjoy the comical video below. You might also be keen to check out the works by this artist who amusingly reimagines celebrities such as Drake, Taylor Swift and more on sandwiches.

[via Adweek, video via Taylor Swift]
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