For Workaholics: 10 Awesome Gifts That Will Improve Any Workspace

By Chloe Pek, 10 Nov 2016

Is your loved one a workaholic? If they spend long hours at their workspace, and are always on the job no matter where they are, then yes, you have got yourself a compulsive worker.

However, that does not mean they should miss out on the festive season. Whether you know a workaholic or are one yourself, here are a list of incredible gifts that can add holiday cheer to any workspace, from handy desk accessories to savvy gadgets.

1. Mod Laptop 3: A customizable case for all your mobile office essentials.

If your job takes you on the go, your carryall may be closer to an workspace than a traditional desk. Mod Laptop 3 will be the perfect mobile office for you.

A customizable laptop case, it is designed with high-power magnets that allow you to switch between Mod inserts that best suits your carrying needs. It also features microfibre lining for your laptop, tablet and phone, with a total of 11 pockets for all your essentials. Available in Black, Bomber, Cognac, Toffee and French Grey (pictured).

2. Office Buddy: Update your in-real-life status to colleagues, so they can stop asking where you are.

Image via Tee-Saurus

Image via Tee-Saurus

Tired of answering to calls questioning where you are and when you will be back? Or perhaps you are not in the mood to be speaking to anyone at all. Office Buddy will do the talking for you.

A table-top flip chart, Office Buddy comes with ten status updates informing coworkers where you are and how they can find you, or not. If the preset messages do not catch your fancy, you can always create your own messages on the 40 pages of blank sheets that come with it.

3. Hard Work Notebook: A handy and work efficient notebook that is perfect for designers.

Image via Hundred Million

Image via Hundred Million

Are you a hard worker? This time-efficient sketchbook will allow you to work twice as much, with half the effort. It is also great for kickstarting creative projects, putting your ideas down on the 256 pages of paper.

A hard-cover book for easy use without any work surfaces, the Hard Work Notebook features a fabric covered spine that allows the book to open flat, isometric and golden ratio print patterns for any creative sketches and drawings, and smooth, waterproof paper made from stone.

4. Nut Mini Tracker: Keep tabs on belongings and documents with these mini tracking devices.

Image via Nut Technology Inc.

Image via Nut Technology Inc.

Lost items can be a pain, especially when they are personal belongings like a phone, wallet, or important documents you require for work. Nut Mini Tracker helps solve these problems and more.

By attaching the mini tracker on important items, you can trigger an alarm using Nut Tracker’s app to help you locate them. Your phone will also beep when the trackers are out of safety range, so you will not be missing items or forgetting important documents to meetings anytime soon.

5. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones: Create a conducive environment with these noise cancelling headphones.

Image via Bose

Working in a noisy environment can be a productivity-killer. However, with most offices adopting an open-concept workspace, getting your own peace and quiet is not an option. With Bose’s Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones however, you can create your own conducive environment with its noise cancelling features.

The headphone’s noise-rejecting dual microphones are also great for communicating with colleagues or clients via call. Bose’s lithium-ion battery promises up to 20 hours of wireless use per charge, which means less wires cluttering your work space.

6. Fellowes Heat and Soothe Back Support: Personalize your workspace and correct your posture with this back support.

Image via Fellowes

Long hours and constant slouching over your computer can be detrimental to your posture and health. For professionals who spend a large part of their day sitting at their desk, Fellowes Heat and Soothe Back Support will make their jobs a lot more cushy.

Featuring soft touch fabric and a gel lumbar pack that can be heated up or chilled to soothe your back, the support fits most office chairs with an adjustable strap and conforms to each individual for maximum comfort.

7. Slate 2.0 Mobile LapDesk: This portable lapdesk is perfect for doing work out of office, while staying organized.

Image via iSkelter

Image via iSkelter

If you are used to working at a desk, working remotely can prove to be counterproductive, especially if you are missing a surface to do your tasks on. Thankfully, this mobile lapdesk is the answer to your out-of-office moments.

A portable bamboo workstation, the Slate 2.0 Mobile LapDesk features a ventilation system for your laptops, display dock for phones and tablets, and a whiteboard for convenient note-taking, so workaholics can take their projects everywhere.

8. No Brief No Talk Mug: A work-safe mug that will take you from the desk to the meeting room.

Image via The Incumbent Agency

Never have anyone interrupt you before you get your morning coffee again with this No Brief No Talk Mug. An 11 oz ceramic mug that is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, this cup is convenient for any beverages you want to hold.

It also works perfectly to deter anyone who may try to engage you in a long discussion or meeting without any briefs, making it the best passive-aggressive way to remind colleagues to keep their chatter short.

9. iPin Laser Pointer for iPhone: Always be presentation-ready with this nifty and space-saving gadget.

Image via Sanho

Image via Sanho

Rushing from presentation to presentation? Don’t waste any more time fumbling for a laser pointer and simply use iPin, the “world’s smallest laser pointer” that fits into the headphone jack of your iPhone.

Powered by by your phone, iPin does not require batteries. It can also be easily turned on and off, so that it does not sap energy from your device. To make presentations even more effortless, the pointer comes with an app that allows you to navigate your slides without another app.

10. RIF6 Cube Projector: A smart device-compatible and portable projector built for both work and play.

Image via RIF6

Image via RIF6

Transform your 5-inch screen to a cinematic 120-inch display with the RIF6 Cube Projector, designed for smart devices. Portable and lightweight, the cube can be brought anywhere, whether it is for a presentation or a leisure appointment.

Adopting the latest technology in LED and optical lens, you can project photos, slides, movies, and even games from your devices for up to 20,000 hours.

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