Most Hilarious Conspiracy Theories On The Oscars ‘Best Picture’ Mix-Up

By Yoon Sann Wong, 28 Feb 2017

Even if you didn’t manage to capture the 89th Academy Awards, you’d likely have heard by now about the ‘Best Picture’ mix-up that went down towards the end of the event.

La La Land had been announced as the winner initially, but before producer Fred Berger could wrap up his thank you speech, producer Jordan Horowitz interrupted by announcing firmly that Moonlight had clinched the accolade.

Moonlight has won Best Picture, Moonlight. Best Picture.”

Accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, which had been tasked with handing the presenters the envelopes with the real winners in them, have claimed responsibility for the blunder. While investigations are still underway to discover how this managed to occur, the Internet was quick to come up with their own conspiracy theories behind the gaffe.

These included host and prankster Jimmy Kimmel orchestrating the whole affair, linking the envelope’s movements all the way back to Leonardo DiCaprio, the Oscars jumping on the ‘mess-with-the-public via shocking results’ bandwagon, crediting M. Night Shyamalan with the Oscars ending and “good guy” Ryan Gosling cutting a deal to create a win for La La Land.

See the most amusing theories below.

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[via TIME, images via various sources]
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