Watch: How To Go From Charging $25 For Your Logo Design To $2,500

By Yoon Sann Wong, 14 Apr 2017

Video screenshot via The Futur

Designers, have you oft struggled with how to price your logos and other designs?

In this latest episode from The Futur, Blind’s founder and CEO, Chris Do, speaks with Blind’s Digital Director, Ben Burns, about the initial steps to take that will help you eventually charge 100 times more for your logo design.

“How do I start charging more for my logos when I’m stuck at a low rate? What’s the difference between logos that cost 10 or 100 times more? Step one; learn the craft of designing better logos even if you’re self-taught.”

Burns shares advice based on his personal experience in going from charging US$25 for a logo to US$2,500.

Do starts off the session by encouraging designers to “learn how to see”. That is, training your eye to pick out details that other people tend to miss out.

“My typography professor would stand from eight feet away and look at my eight-point type and he’d mark out the weird extra spacing, typos, just crazy…he must have a bionic eye! How is this happening? That’s incredible, I want to achieve that level of mastery looking at things,” explains Do.



Additional tips from Burns that weren’t covered inside the show include getting off aggregator sites–work will come to you when you begin making space to look for it, know your worth–research standard pricing practices, AIGA is a recommended resource to use, and seek out a great mentor who can help validate your work, this way you can better justify why you’re charging at a certain level.

For more invaluable tips, watch the video below. You might also want to check out vital leadership advice from a Creative Director that will help you propel up the ranks, and this Illustrator pen tool hack that will shave hours off digitizing logotypes.

[via The Futur, images via video screenshots]
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