Revolutionary Or Ridiculous: A Romper Specially Designed For Grown Men

By Dorothy Tan, 16 May 2017

Compared to womenswear—where trends can change drastically from season to season—the pieces that make up a man’s wardrobe has remained largely consistent over time.

The team behind ‘RompHim’, a romper specially designed for men, wants to start a fashion revolution with their new garment—claiming that this one-piece wonder would “turn heads and break hearts”, they think that it would be your “favourite summer outfit” this year.

Having tested the RompHim on men of different shapes and sizes, they have included details that would make it look great on anyone—for instance, the buttoned waist tabs help to create flattering contours.

Made to keep its wearer comfortable and cool, it features a front shirt pocket, a zippered back pocket, a zipper fly and deep front pockets to meets the needs of men who are used to such conveniences.

Despite its supposedly thoughtful design, we think that a romper for men is certainly not a look that would be easily accepted by mainstream culture, especially when they come in soft pastel colors and bright, busy prints.



What do you think—is this an opportunity for liberating men’s fashion from boring traditions or just a ridiculous hipster trend?

Find out more about RompHim on its Kickstarter page.

[via Kickstarter]
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