Beautiful Examples Of Loading Animations, Because Your Website Is Worth The Wait

By Mikelle Leow, 19 Jun 2017

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Left video screenshot by Studio Kraftwerk via Awwwards, right video screenshot by Do You Speak Human? via Awwwards

A second in the digital era seems to pass by even slower than it did before the internet existed. Since there’s now access to information everywhere, most people won’t have the patience to sit out and wait for your content to load anymore.

It therefore makes sense that a certain web design trend has persisted far longer than others have: animations. Over the past years, the trend has morphed from “very obvious animations” to functional ones that effectively enhance user experience.

Awwwwards has rounded up a list consisting of some of the most stunning loading animations around the internet. Take a look at six of them below and head over to the full list for more.

Do You Speak Human?

Image by Do You Speak Human? via GIPHY

Studio Kraftwerk

Image by Studio Kraftwerk via GIPHY

Raoul Gaillard



Image by Raoul Gaillard via GIPHY


Image by Wonderland via GIPHY

Navigating Responsibly

Image by Navigating Responsibly via GIPHY

Creative Cruise

Image by Creative Cruise via GIPHY

Check out 17 more awesome loading animations over at Awwwwards.

[via Awwwwards, images via various sources]
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