Converse Ditches Its Iconic Star-Embedded ‘O’ For More Energetic Logo Redesign

By Mikelle Leow, 25 Jul 2017

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Left image via Wikimedia Commons, right video screenshot via converse

Early July, Converse made a subtle change to its logo design where the old star-embedded ‘O’ logo was replaced by combining the iconic star chevron—a symbol used on many of Converse’s sneakers. The refreshed wordmark results in an energetic and forward-looking identity that pays homage to its roots.

Why spend bucks on a logo refresh that could very well escape undetected? Cool Hunting chatted with Converse’s Vice President of Global Brand Design Adam Cohn to find out the motivations behind the change, and what it stands for.

“Converse exists to serve the daring spirit of youth with tools that enable movement(s),” Cohn explains. The word “movement(s)” is a careful wordplay, and refers to both physical activity and cultural changes.

“The star chevron has been in use since the '70s and we wanted to make it a major part of our identity—that part of the brief was clear: Let’s leverage an icon that’s part of our heritage that’s also representative of moving forward. The challenge was getting our name in the mix so we had to develop a new wordmark.”

Image via JustJadams

Cohn and his team then scooped Converse’s archive of past logos for inspiration. “The ‘Converse’ word has been written in many different ways as a logo over time; in the end it was about mining details.”



Image via Schröder+Schömbs PR _ Brands (Creative Commons)

Converse’s new identity started rolling out in July on the brand’s website, but will take almost a whole year to complete. When asked where he’d be most excited to see the new logo, Cohn says, “For me, the satisfaction won’t be in one location, but when people think of this logo as our brand over things like the Chuck [Taylor] logo.”

The new Converse logo therefore serves as the brand’s identity, rather than function as a superficial embellishment, Cool Hunting notes.

Video via converse

Video screenshot via converse

[via Cool Hunting, video via converse, images via various sources]
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