Jony Ive Reveals His Feelings About The Soon-To-Be-Completed Apple Park Campus

By Dorothy Tan, 30 Jul 2017

As Apple’s move of its 12,000 employees to its futuristic new home, Apple Park campus, nears completion, chief designer Jony Ive gave the Wall Street Journal a tour of the high-profile ring-shaped building.

“It's nice, though, isn't it?”

The new campus, designed by architecture firm Foster + Partners, is the last major project that Ive worked on with the late Steve Jobs before the latter’s death in 2011—naturally, considering the significance of this building, the renowned designer is anxious about how it would be received by the public.

“There's the same rather strange process you go through when you finish a product and you prepare to release it – it's the same set of feelings.”



The tech giant started gradually moving to Apple Park back in April 2017—Ive and his design team would be among the last groups to do so—for his interview with the WSJ, interior images of the campus were revealed.

Unsurprisingly, the insides of the building features the signature Apple aesthetic of tech minimalism. It is organized into “pods”, which are open workspaces with customizable seating—there are 80 of these on each of the four floors.

Apple Park would also include a large cafeteria—flanked by giant glass doors for ventilation—that spans the full-height of the building.

Read more about what Jony Ive feels about the new Apple campus, and view images of it, here.

[via Dezeen, opening image via Shutterstock]
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