Quiz: Which Traits Do You Most Desire In A Partner, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

By Mikelle Leow, 29 Aug 2017

Screenshot by DesignTAXI. Background image via GIPHY Studios Originals

They say all the best people are already in relationships—but when you think of it, whose definition of “the best” is the yardstick? In a world of seven billion people, everyone has a specific set of ideals they look for in a romantic partner, and yours is the one that truly matters.

This quiz created by DesignTAXI describes specific traits that you might find highly desirable in a relationship, according to your astrological sign. Could your standards be set too high? Perhaps not—you’re just looking for different things.



Based on an article by Bustle, this quick test might shine a light on what you truly expect in a mate. Take it below.

Traits You Find Desirable In A Relationship, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Created by DesignTAXI

Via Qzzr, images via various sources

[via Bustle and Qzzr, images via various sources]
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