Star Wars Fans, Say Hello To The ‘BB-9E’ Mini Toy Droid—Evil Twin Of ‘BB-8’

By Yoon Sann Wong, 01 Sep 2017

Image by Sphero via LifeOfStarWars

It looks like good droid ‘BB-8’ will meet its dark side in the form of ‘BB-9E’ when Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuts on 15 December.

On Thursday, Sphero unveiled the ‘BB-9E’ mini toy, which it had deveoloped in partnership with Disney—owner of the Star Wars franchise. “We saw some imagery and [learned] how it sounds and behaves in the movie,” explained Sphero CEO Paul Berberian. Sphero released the robotic toy version of ‘BB-8’ back in 2015, which sold more than a million units.

Just like its predecessor, the 4.4-inch, app-controlled ‘BB-9E’ robot sports a similar ball-shaped body that moves sans wheels. When magnetically attached to its body, the droid’s head will illuminate with blue and red lights via the power of induction.

‘BB-9E’ comes with 40 sounds and nine commands directed by the app. This includes ‘patrol’, ‘run away’, and ‘look around’. Through its ‘draw-and-drive’ function, the robot can follow any pattern you sketch via the app.

The toy will go on sale midnight Friday at US$150, together with a mini robotic version of ‘R2D2’, which will retail at US$180.



Fans can look out for other merchandise associated with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which will likewise go on sale Friday after midnight, in what’s been dubbed ‘Force Friday’.

[via CNN, video via Sphero, images via Sphero]
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