Eco-Friendlier Versions Of Brand Logos That Save Both Your Money And Earth

By Yoon Sann Wong, 14 Sep 2017

Sustainable development isn’t anything new—you see it across architecture, technology, and more, but perhaps not so much in branding.

EcoBranding is a new conceptual experiment that’s determined to improve the relationship between companies and Mother Nature—one logo, color, typography, and image, at a time. This approach transforms brand designs to become more ecological and economical.

“A Starbucks Coffee, a Google search, a H&M T-shirt, a can of Coca-Cola and many other products are stamped with a logo, a color, a typography, or an image that consumes ink, server space and energy. The reality is that a brand consumes a lot to exist!” explains EcoBranding.

“Naturally, one logo isn’t too expensive to print because it doesn’t need much ink, but printing a single logo on a billion bottles? That’s huge!”

“With EcoBranding, we rethink the design of brand ingredients to be more ecological, with the added benefit of also being more economical.”

The idea is structured around three pillars comprising visual, ecological, and economical performance. It’s reimagined the logos of several world-renowned brands as being greener, requiring less ink to print, and thus—in theory—incurring lower cost.



Check out the redesigned symbols below and discover more on the EcoBranding website.

[via EcoBranding]
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