Meet Suki, The Adventurous Bengal Cat That Hikes & Camps In The Great Outdoors

By Yoon Sann Wong, 15 Sep 2017

Suki soaking in the sunshine at Bow Lake. Image via Suki The Cat and featured with permission

What could be better than soaking in a scenic wilderness landscape? Perhaps an experience where your company includes a beautiful Bengal cat that hikes, camps, is leash-trained, adores car rides, goes canoeing, and loves water.

Sounds too good to be true? Oh but it is—at least for travel photographer Marti Gutfreund and her lovely Bengal feline called Suki.

Using Canada as home base, the pair plus Gutfreund’s partner often travel together, especially around Alberta and sometimes in British Columbia. Their adventures mainly comprise short hikes, canoe rides, and plenty of camping.

Gutfreund explained in an email to DesignTAXI that Suki entered her life after her last feline passed away. “My partner and I do a lot of hiking and camping together. [After] our last kitty passed away…we really wanted to have a pet that we didn’t always have to leave behind on weekends when we go on our trips,” says the photographer.

“I had read up quite a bit on Bengal cats and how they are very high in energy. We knew it could be a handful, but we had to be sure that our new kitty could keep up with our adventures.”

“When we are not on road trips, Suki needs to go on daily walks...otherwise she is way too high in energy and tends to play rough. Luckily we live right behind the forest so whenever she gets a little too rowdy I know it’s time for her walk. We started taking Suki outside one month after we took her home for the first time (she is seven months old now), and she adapted so quickly.”

To top things off, Suki loves people. “She always has to say hello when she comes across someone on the trail, that means I just end up carrying her on the pack so that we can keep moving.”

Thus far, Suki’s favorite hike belongs at Johnston Canyon in Banff, Alberta. “Nearly the whole trail consists of boardwalks suspended on cliffs with a rushing river in the canyon below...pretty much her paradise.”

If all goes as planned, the owner intends to take Suki with her on an overseas trip to Europe in Spring.



Browse through photos of the beautiful Bengal cat below, and stay updated on her adventures via Instagram @sukiicat or through Facebook.

[images via sukiicat and featured with permission]
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