iPhone X’s Infamous Notch Ignites Design Criticisms, Jokes And Mockups Ensue

By Kylie Woon, 18 Sep 2017

While many were thrilled by the razor-thin bezels of the iPhone X, members of the design community balked at the notch that protrudes from the top of the device.

The offending notch—which houses a front-facing camera and the multiple Face ID sensors—leaves two visually awkward gaps on either side of it, where the clock, battery, network and Wi-Fi signal icons are crammed.

While Apple has produced a set of guidelines to help developers design effective for the iPhone X, it hasn’t stopped creatives from discussing the implications of this protrusion on Twitter.

Many were quick to reject the feature by way of memes, complaints and humorous GIFs. “It’s objectively distracting,” said one UX designer. “Steve Jobs would have never let that happen,” accused another. Others offered up their own mockups and tricks to ‘overcome’ the unwanted design feature—take a look below.

Jony Ive was targeted

Criticisms were made



Jokes were bound to happen

Mockups were created in response

[via Twitter, composite image by DesignTAXI, video screenshot via Apple]
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