Creative Designer Turns Résumé Into LEGO Minifig To Stand Out From Competition

By Izza Sofia, 10 Oct 2017

To find a job and stand out from hundreds of other applicants, you have to make sure your application catches the eye of your future employer.

Taking this into account, creative artist Andy Morris decided to do something different, and added a much needed element of fun to his job hunt. The University of South Wales design graduate produced a miniature LEGO figurine version of himself.

The character wears a flat cap, a red bomber jacket and holds a laptop in one hand, with a custom-printed résumé in the other. It even features Morris’ stubbly beard.

Having taken two months to collect each individual LEGO piece for the figure, Morris now has enough to send out to one hundred potential new employers. This clever design will at least make the recipient smile, as well as provide them with a cute new desk toy.

“The entire package and mini-figure display the care, detail, and design philosophies that I hold dear, all while conveying my commitment to fun and innovation,” expressed Morris.



“This combines to create an interesting CV that sets me apart from my contemporaries while still conveying the necessary information, and proving that everything can be fun if you take the right approach.”

Check out the LEGO résumé below and head over to Andy Morris’ official website to view more projects.

[via Bored Panda, images via Andy Morris, images featured with permission]
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