Designer Confessions GIFs: I See My Client In Every Stock Photo Online

By Tay Xing Wei, 11 Oct 2017

Oh, GIFs.

I needed these magical little things to animate my blindingly-exposed (how exciting, free exposure!) #designerlife so it can 'POP' the same way I made your logo.

GIFs are great for rainbow marquees too. I've been told by many (mostly clients) that at the end of the rainbow there will be gold, so I'm optimistic whenever you request that we try a different color for your designs. The more colors, the better!

It always surprises me whenever you go beyond your scope of work to propose 'creative' changes. Who else, than you, knows better, right?

I'm especially grateful it when sometimes you voyage soooo far to be sitting right next to me as I fulfill your requests. It makes me feel like I have an extra parent. Why not!

In fact, I'm so used to having you by my side that I can't help but see your presence in every stock photo online. Yes, you heard me right. EVERY. STOCK. PHOTO. That's how dedicated I am to you.



To express my gratitude to you, I've compiled a mini-album of some of these photos that remind me of your little quirks. It's sweet, I know. And it comes with glitter.

When the client asks "can you make it pop?"

When the client says "just be creative"

When the client asks "can we have it in a new color that hasn't been discovered?"

When the client come back with changes

When the client wants to sit with me and make changes

When you're overpaid in exposure

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