These Subversive Ads Popping Up On Billboards Will Make You Stop In Your Tracks

By Izza Sofia, 20 Oct 2017

Italian artist HOGRE has been transfiguring London’s cityscape by exchanging the mundane product ads for provocative works of street art.

HOGRE, whose real name remains undisclosed, refers to himself as a “subvertiser” and is part of a growing pack of artists and activists that have been installing controversial artworks in various cities around the globe.

His work is extremely critical of consumerism and contemporary politics. He tackles delicate current affairs like the London housing crisis and immigration with high doses of satire and wit.

“What is still fundamental is the discussion about how we should manage public spaces. It is hypocritical to call our social organisation “democracy” if the only public messages allowed are those ruled and mediated by personal profits,” he explained.

His pieces are generally taken down after a few hours, but to him, the importance of his work lies in its rebellious nature, subtlety and of course, illegality.



“Subvertising works better if you can’t tell straight away if it is subvertising or not. It has to be illegal, of course, but it also has to be sneaky,” he added.

Check out some of his artwork below or view more here.

[via Konbini, images via Facebook]
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