Distinct Traits Of Websites That Chase People Away, According To Studies

By Mikelle Leow, 01 Nov 2017

Image by Kaboompics via Everypixel

When you have a stellar-looking website, it can be a real head-scratcher if it doesn’t end up drawing visitors in. Why aren’t they staying around for as long as you expected them to?

In an article by LA-based writer Sheila Marikar on Inc., she shares some research-backed reasons why internet users might check out of websites too quickly.

51.3% of users worldwide surf the web using mobile devices. Designers should not only work mobile-first, but ensure that websites “shine on smartphones.”



Animations are great and seem to be in-trend this year—but with mobile users in mind, it’s best to leave out “too many moving things,” says Branded Confidence founder Melanie Spring.

Peruse the helpful statistics below and read Marikar’s full article on Inc..

Screenshot via Inc.

[via Inc., images via various sources]
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