Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Was Momentarily Taken Down Due To ‘Human Error’

By Mikelle Leow, 03 Nov 2017

Screenshot via Twitter

Twitter—arguably President Trump’s favorite social network—had his account momentarily deactivated on Thursday.

Netizens noticed what had happened not long after, and came up with their own theories of where the missing account went.

Before they could declare Twitter a Trump-free zone, however, Donald Trump’s account was back up. It only took 11 minutes.

Twitter promptly addressed the disappearance, explaining that ‘@realDonaldTrump’ was temporarily deactivated “due to a human error.”



After further investigation, it was discovered that the deactivation was done by a Twitter employee on their last day.

Trump appears to be unfazed by the brief lack of Twitter usage. He continues to be posting at a swift rate—but Twitter users will forever remember 2 November 2017 as the day their feeds got significantly quiet.

[via Engadget, cover image via Twitter]
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