TIME Ranks The Best Gadgets Of 2017 (And iPhone X Did Not Come Out Tops)

By Mikelle Leow, 21 Nov 2017

Screenshot via Samsung

Need some gift ideas for the techie in your life? Thankfully, TIME magazine has rolled out its list of top 10 favorite gadgets for 2017, just in time for the holidays.

You might be surprised to know that the highly revered iPhone X didn’t make it to the first spot. Then again, it’s relieving to know that other tech giants are occasionally taking center stage.

Have a look at the top five gadgets listed by TIME and view the other five here.

5. Samsung Galaxy S8

Screenshot via Samsung

The Galaxy S8 may not be the only bezel-less phone in the market, but its graceful curved display makes it one of the most attractive smartphones of the year, hence warranting a spot on TIME’s list.

4. DJI Spark

Image via DJI

DJI has made drones a lot more easy-to-use for the everyday person—users get to navigate this palm-sized gadget not with a pesky remote control, but with a simple double-tap on the back of the device.

3. Microsoft Surface Laptop



Image via Microsoft

This is Microsoft’s first foray into real laptop territory; unlike its previous products, the Surface Laptop isn’t a tablet-notebook hybrid. Perhaps, this is a stroke of beginner’s luck—the device boasts an elegant design, a crisp display, and a long-lasting battery, making it “a solid choice for anyone seeking a new Windows computer.”

2. Apple iPhone X

Image via Apple

With all the media coverage it has gotten, the iPhone X might very well be the most popular gadget of the year—but is it worth the hefty price tag?

TIME says yes: in spite of complaints that Android “did it first,” the end-to-end display and powerful facial recognition technology in Apple’s flagship phone will “undoubtedly” raise the bar for smartphones to come.

1. Nintendo Switch

Image via Nintendo

Traditionally, players would have to decide between twiddling their thumbs around a tiny console or plugging their games into a television screen. Not anymore—the portable Nintendo Switch is the “first” console that is made for at-home and on-the-go entertainment. Having fixed a problem that has plagued gamers for decades, Nintendo certainly deserves the top spot of the list.

Check out the full write-ups and read about the other five gadgets over at TIME.

[via TIME, images via various sources]
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