WTF: Amazon’s Alexa Threw A House ‘Party’ While Its Owner Was Out

By Mikelle Leow, 22 Nov 2017

Video screenshot via Amazon Echo

Despite having just turned three, Amazon’s home assistant Alexa appears to be wise beyond its years. Specifically, it’s reportedly started to act like a teenager.

A mortified German user, Oliver Haberstroh, recently took to the company’s Facebook page to lament about a strange incident that resulted in the police breaking down his door.

Haberstroh came home one morning to discover that his key could no longer fit into the door lock.

He later learned that his Amazon Echo device started its own “party” at 1:50am while he was away, filling the apartment with music that was amped to the maximum volume. Apparently, Alexa was already well into its rebellious stage.



It became such a ruckus that neighbors ended up screaming at the door of the vacant home and calling the police, who resorted to breaking its lock to disconnect the gadget.

Like many parents, Haberstroh frowned upon Alexa’s behavior—but he knew he had to face the music. The whole incident ended with him collecting a new key from the police station and footing a hefty bill from the locksmith.

“I was perfectly happy with your service and Alexa,” he writes. “However, the relationship between Alexa and me has taken a U-turn since Friday night. You could say ‘it’s complicated’… we have to go our separate ways.”

Oliver Ollzen Haberstroh

Grüßt euch erstmal Amazon, also bisweilen war ich mit eurem Service und Alexa einwandfrei glücklich. Allerdings hat die Beziehung zwischen Alexa und mir seit Freitagnacht eine Kehrtwende genommen....

Image via Oliver Haberstroh

[via Mad Over Marketing and Business Insider, images via various sources]
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