LOL: Propose To Your Lover With This Phone Case That Opens To Reveal A Ring

By Mikelle Leow, 24 Nov 2017

Video screenshot via Caters Clip

Picture the most “millennial” wedding proposal ever. It starts with a brunch of avocado toast peppered with 24K gold flakes. You proceed by walking your partner down a garden adorned with fidget spinners before popping the question with this over-the-top phone case.

Designed by James Ambler and Keith Glickman, ‘RokShok’ is the “first ever” smartphone case to double up as a ring box.

You’ll never have to forget what your lover’s face looks like when they say ‘yes,’ thanks to the ‘RokShok’. Simply open your phone’s camera app, and whenever you’re ready, get down on one knee and snap away.



The grand proposal of your dreams can be yours at just US$39.95. Pre-order your phone case here.

Video via Caters Clip

Video screenshot by Caters Clip via GIPHY

Image via RokShok

[via r/ofcoursethatsathing, video via Caters Clip, images via various sources]
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