Drake Skittishly Pouring Grapefruit Perrier Becomes Internet’s New Favorite Meme

By Izza Sofia, 04 Dec 2017

Drake has been the Toronto Raptors’ official “global ambassador” since 2013, so it comes with no surprise that he was at the recent Raptors’ game where the team took on the Charlotte Hornets.

During the event, stadium cameras caught Drake pouring a can of grapefruit Perrier into a cup. Upon realizing that he was being filmed, Drake stopped pouring and nervously darted his head left and right, before pouring one last bit of the sparkling water and putting the can down.

It is a weird and hilarious clip, so naturally, social media is pouncing all over it, and the reactions are great. Check out some of the best responses below.

[via Highsnobiety, opening image via Instagram]
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