Find The Perfect Position To Place Your Christmas Tree, According To IKEA

By Izza Sofia, 04 Dec 2017

If you thought finding the perfect furniture arrangement in your living room was hard when you moved in, wait till you introduce a Christmas tree to the mix.

Rather than drag your tree around until you are satisfied, try using the ‘IKEA Place’ augmented-reality app. The app lets you visualize different layouts of true-to-scale IKEA furniture in your actual space.

For the project, IKEA has partnered with Space10 and TWNKLS agencies for development and UX design of the feature, and 72andSunny Amsterdam on the marketing campaign around it.

When you launch the mobile app, open your camera and point it at the floor so it can scan the place.  Then, point your phone at the general area of the room where you’d like your tree to be. Choose a tree option, then use your finger to drag-and-drop your tree into the exact location you’ve decided upon.

You can move around to see how the tree looks like from a different perspective, then take pictures or videos of the tree. Moreover, you can replace and drag it to a new position. Once you find a spot you like, you can also consider how the different types of trees fit there.



For the holidays, the brand has added four Christmas tree styles to ‘IKEA Place’. Alike with furniture, you can now “Place” your Christmas tree before you get it, and find the exact spot.

You can download ‘IKEA Place’ here.


[via Creativity-Online, video via IKEA, images via video screenshot]
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