See The Winners Of 2017’s ‘Website Of The Year’ Awards

By Mikelle Leow, 05 Dec 2017

Screenshot via CSS Design Awards

Each year, CSS Design Awards and global digital agency WOKINE collaborate to present the ‘Website of the Year’ awards to deserving talents in the web design and development sphere.

The results were announced on Monday, and the committee has crowed Active Theory’s illustrative Pottermore design as its grand winner.

Check out a few finalists from the program and see more over at the ‘Website of the Year’ microsite.

Website of the Year: Pottermore, designed by Active Theory

Screenshot by Pottermore via GIPHY

Best Interactive Photography Site: 86½ Years, designed by Clubhouse Studios

Screenshot via 86½ Years

Best E-Commerce Site: Amaiò Swim, designed by Oui Will



Screenshot via Amaiò Swim

Best Agency Site: Anagram Paris

Screenshot via Anagram Paris

Best UX Site: Ankoku Toshi Jutsu, designed by Dayy

Screenshot via Ankoku Toshi Jutsu

Best Product Site: Duroc, designed by Bonhomme

Screenshot via Duroc

Best Illustrated Site: K’gari, designed by SBS

Screenshot via K’gari

[via CSS Design Awards]
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