Adobe Turns 35: Here’s Where Its Co-Founders Believe The Company Is Headed To

By Mikelle Leow, 05 Dec 2017

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The year was 1982. A decade shy from the birth of the internet, three bold pioneers—Chuck Geschke, Shantanu Narayen, and John Warnock—had a vision. They sought to be revolutionary innovators of digital communications and experiences.

Thus, Adobe came to be. The big three ventured into grounds not many tech companies dared to enter. In the years to come, the company’s software became creative professionals’ golden standard and go-to choice for design programs.

2017 marks the firm’s 35th anniversary. In celebrating this milestone, Adobe’s co-founders have shed some light into the company’s long but tireless journey, as well as expressed their hopes for its future.

Read some inspiring tidbits below and check out the full interview on the Adobe blog.

On Adobe’s company culture

“Innovation isn’t something you plan for,” says Warnock. “Instead, you have to build an environment that will promote it. You should have a free exchange of ideas. You have to reward people for new ideas and for following up on ideas and turning them into reality.”

“So, it’s not like you’ll say, ‘We’ll have four new ideas this year.’ You need to build an environment where it happens naturally, through the creative spirit of the employees.”

On the evolving tech world and how Adobe continues to stay relevant



“Regardless of changes in technology, the mission of the company has remained the same—change the world through digital experiences,” says Narayen.

“Imagine being on a plane and the person sitting next to you says, ‘PDF is the way I share all my information,’ or ‘Photoshop has helped me be more creative.’”

“That’s what drives us. Being relevant is important, but I think having an impact is far more meaningful.”

On Adobe’s secret to success

“One of the great things about Adobe is that we get to deliver on our mission to change the world,” explains Warnock. “We have products that inspire people around the globe and drive creativity, art, imagination, science, and innovation. When you bring all those elements together, you change the way people communicate with each other.”

“At Adobe, what matters at this company is the people who work here,” adds Geschke. “They work together as a team to make sure we produce the products that make the future real. And that’s the biggest asset we have—people.”

On the future of Adobe and businesses

“We’re witnessing a sea change in how consumers are interacting with companies,” Narayen says. “They want to buy experiences, not just products.”

“We’re architecting the next generation of enterprise software, and integrating artificial intelligence into our products with Adobe Sensei to clear the way for action.”

Read the full interview on the Adobe blog.

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