Instagram Schools Apple By Proving How iPhone X’s Notch Could Be Better Utilized

By Mikelle Leow, 06 Dec 2017

Screenshot via Apple

Apple has made countless changes to iOS over the years, but one feature that stubbornly remains is the larger-than-life volume slider that obstructs its interface.

Borrowed from OS X, the feature works acceptably on Macs. However, iPhone users have complained that it might be oversized for mobile. The volume slider started interfering with viewing experiences even before iPhone X’s notch made it “cool” to.

Screenshot by DesignTAXI

With the notch, which permanently casts a shadow over videos and more, the annoyance runs twofold.

Thankfully, Instagram has one-upped the system in its latest update by making one tiny tweak for the iPhone X: it’s downsized the volume slider and shifted it to the screen’s left “ear.”



Design changes like this one are minor but noteworthy, as the app has finally fixed a problem that has been plaguing Apple users since the beginning of iOS.

Pictures and videos take center stage in the social network, so a revamp of the distracting volume control feature is a thoughtful move on Instagram’s part.

Reddit userJulianF6’ has uploaded a demo of Instagram’s answer to Apple’s design oversight. Check it out below.

Instagram updated the volume slider for iPhone X and it’s ten times better than the native one from iphone

[via BGR, video via JulianF6, images via various sources]
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