Infographic: Top 50 Companies Creatives Wish They Could Work For (2017 Edition)

By Mikelle Leow, 07 Dec 2017

Image via Working Not Working

Last week, you learned the top 50 big-name companies that employees across various industries wish they could work for.

In line with the research, creative community Working Not Working has surveyed its members to name their dream companies and compiled the results in an infographic.

Working Not Working has conducted the same assessment over the past three years. It says 2017’s list, which amassed 600 votes, includes the usual suspects like Apple, Disney, NASA, Pentagram, and Sagmeister x Walsh.



“One of the most popular companies was also the most consistently misspelled,” the committee hilariously points out. “Congratulations to ‘Weden+Kennedy’, ‘Weiden+Kennedy’, ‘Widen+Kennedy’, ‘Wiede + Kennedy’, plus ‘Wieden-Kennedy’ for all making the list.”

The team was pleasantly surprised to discover a handful of new names such as Amazon, Instagram, and Mailchimp.

View the infographic below. Is your fantasy job one of the top 50?

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version. Illustration by Shawna X, image via Working Not Working

[via It’s Nice That, image via Working Not Working]
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