Global Trend Predictions To Keep You Excited For What’s To Come In 2018

By Mikelle Leow, 07 Dec 2017

Image via J. Walter Thompson Intelligence

J. Walter Thompson Company’s Intelligence wing has put together a visually pleasing report of the top 100 global predictions for 2018.

These trends span 10 categories that discuss culture, tech and innovation, brands and marketing, lifestyle, and more. To illustrate these topics, the company has attached striking pictures, taken by talented photographers, in the review.

Read about five trends and check out all 100 by downloading the free report on the J. Walter Thompson Intelligence site.

New millennial careers

Millennials’ ideals are evolving. They’re beginning to shun traditional workplace practices and are building careers you might not have thought would exist 10 years ago.

Brands are turning away from celebrities and embracing microinfluencers—everyday social media users with “anywhere between 1,000 and 100,000 followers.”

“[They] are not the most ‘Instafamous,’ but they typically carry more clout among a committed audience,” J. Walter Thompson Intelligence says.

Creativity meets AI

Humans are beginning to feel less threatened about the emergence of artificial intelligence and are learning to perceive them as boons.

“The fact is, we cannot avoid the relationship between people and machine,” British choreographer Wayne McGregor says. “Many people say that the work is futuristic, but it’s kind of crazy because it is so present tense. It’s not a version of what it is going to be like in the future. It is technology which is happening all the time all around us. Think about some of the robots you see in factories now, moving in the most sophisticated ways.”




Fifth-generation mobile networks are expected to roll out between 2018 and 2020, and are said to be 100 times faster than 4G. You might soon be able to download full-length HD films within seconds, the company says.

Tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and Nokia are already “deep in 5G research.”

“The speed and reach of 5G has the potential to make the world safer and more efficient in dramatic ways,” says J. Walter Thompson Intelligence. “Brands will need to stay on top of the latest developments as 5G accelerates the speed of innovation.”

Global nomads

The line between work and travel is blurring, and J. Walter Thompson believes it will soon be eradicated.

“The generation that popularized the gap year is bringing its collective wanderlust into adulthood. Creating high-powered careers that span the globe is becoming commonplace, as the ranks of the digital nomads grow—flexible, international, and able to work from anywhere.”


A number of companies are disrupting the retail industry by launching premium-grade products at a fraction of the prices set by recognized brands. These products are often focused on millennial-friendly values.

“These direct-to-consumer white label goods offer quality of the kind found in Whole Foods or Sephora, with none of the bells and whistles (and add-on costs) associated with household labels.”

Download the full report of 100 trend predictions over at J. Walter Thompson Intelligence.

[via LBBOnline and J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, cover image via J. Walter Thompson Intelligence]
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