Samsung Assures That It Doesn’t Slow Down Phones Like Apple Does

By Mikelle Leow, 23 Jan 2018

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Left image via Samsung, right image via Apple

Apple isn’t the only one to be smacked with legal matters concerning the throttling of phone performance. Samsung has been roped into similar investigations, and the two are currently being questioned by Italy’s antitrust body for planned obsolescence.

Having spoken its truth prior to the investigation, Apple had no choice but to acknowledge the claims. Its competitor, on the other hand, deflected the accusations, saying that it doesn’t decelerate its smartphones.

According to Nikkei, the South Korean firm wrote in a statement:



“Samsung does not provide the software updates to reduce the product performance over the life cycle of the device.”

“We will fully cooperate with Italian Authority for Market and Competition’s investigation in Italy to clarify the facts.”

The Italian agency did not specify which models Samsung was suspected of slowing down, however.

In a bid to bring its battery debacle to a conclusion, Apple’s Tim Cook has promised an option to disable performance throttling in an upcoming iOS update, though at a risk of sudden phone shutdowns.

[via Samsung, images via various sources]
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