Sneak Previews Of What Could Be Google’s ‘Material Design 2’ Style Guide

By Mikelle Leow, 06 Feb 2018

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Google logo via Wikimedia Commons, background image via Material Design

With the Google I/O conference opening in the coming months, developers might be on the edge of their seats to know what could be in store.

A recent leak indicates that this year’s event might be more exciting than before. Google’s design language, ‘Material Design’, is apparently phasing into its second generation, as XDA Developers learns.

According to the tech site, codes uncovered on the open-source Chrome browser tool Chromium referenced “the new Google Material Design 2 standard,” which described the “Material Design 2 UI” being applied to the address bar in the web browser.

“We make no claims that it’s a proper successor to the newest ‘Material Design’ framework,” XDA Developers explained. “But the commits point to noticeable, if subtle, changes in color palettes, iconography, and touchscreen behavior.”

‘Material Design 2’ is expected to feature “slightly darker” reds than the current ‘Red 800’ (#C62828) and ‘Red 600’ (#E53935), as well as a series of new grays with “lighter, bluish tint[s].” There are also hints of a new “red-dark” theme in this version.



The tweaked palettes indicate a near-white shade for the Chrome toolbar, with a suitably darker tone for the incognito window.

Colors aside, your Chrome browser is likely going to get more user-friendly. XDA found references to have Chrome tabs maintain their original widths so that you can read pages’ titles better, as opposed to having them squeezed together.

The commits have reportedly been made private following the discovery.

The changes seem subtle, but seeing that they’re just a sneak peek of what might be up Google’s sleeve, the direction seems promising.

While the design language has been through multiple updates, this is the first time ‘Material Design’ will be leaping a generation since its debut in 2014.

[via XDA Developers, images via various sources]

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