Watch: Top 7 Motion Graphic Design Trends And Inspirations For 2018

By Yoon Sann Wong, 07 Feb 2018

After bringing to you five text graphics trends for this year, Studio Binder returns with these top seven motion graphic design trends and inspirations to stimulate your creative juices in 2018.

The styles comprise bold colors, retro, seamless transitions, double exposure, 2D and 3D, kinetic typography, and illustrative quality. These come accompanied by apt examples from various brands, studios, and artists, such as the amusing ‘Tokyo Gifathon’ project by Slim Jim Studios.

Check out the full video and its summary below.

1. Bold colors

2. Retro

3. Seamless transitions



4. Double exposure

5. 2D and 3D

6. Kinetic typography

7. Illustrative Quality

[via Studio Binder, images via video screenshot]
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